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  1. So how come that OneNote can support it?
  2. Not at all! I have a template that I use frequently for a vehicle log. Setting aside the fact that you probably can't put a spreadsheet into a template anyway, all I want it to do is subtract start mileage from finish mileage and show the answer - elegant simplicity rather than complicated mathematics - add, subtract, multiply, divide is all that's needed. This idea was mooted over four years ago and has received widespread support, it's a shame that Evernote has not been more proactive on this matter.
  3. I definitely support this idea, particularly now that Templates has become such a great feature. I have a template that I use as a vehicle log book for my camper van. I record the mileage at the start and end of each day's trip and it suddenly struck me that if I put this part into a table then it could calculate the daily mileage. Alas no - but I so wish that it would! I don't want a mini-Excel, just something that will add, subtract, multiply and divide numeric data in cells.
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