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  1. Hi everyone I know this is an old thread, but I am hoping to revive in order to ask: does recovery of an EXB file also allow you to recover any local notes and notebooks? Thank you Alexia
  2. T His has been very useful guys, but I have an additional question. I would like to be able to share the note on which I have the local links. I know that the paths would be equally accessible to my colleagues since we're all on the same server. However, when I am sharing an Evernote page with them via URL, any local file link in the note does note open. They work on my local evernote, but not when shared. Any idea why that is? Thanks !
  3. Since the public notebook feature was the actual reason why I signed up to use Evernote in the first place, removing this feature in the future would make me stop using it. Please keep it. Add security/confidentiality warnings if you must, but please keep it !
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