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  1. I've just spent hours again annotating... and despite saving all my annotations (by clicking "File" and "Save" every couple minutes) .. Evernote has crashed again and NONE of the annotations have been saved.. PLEASE HELP! I'm going to have to leave Evernote at this rate and stick with printing files out. With this problem, and the complete indifference shown when I complained about the "notebook view" changing to one long list.. I'm very disappointed with Evernote and am looking to change the system I use. Has the management changed or the company been sold in the last couple of yea
  2. I am fed up with loosing my annotations when Evernote crashes... this did not use to be an issue. Annotations were always automatically saved before, but now I work away on a note for an hour or two and lose everything - or have to save every couple of minutes. This is a real pain!
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