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  1. Hello, This might be a really stupid question, but with Evernote so gladly offering me 30-day trials of Premium features, I have lost count on what exactly can a Free account do. And I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere (perhaps I am bad at looking or looking in the wrong places) So here are my questions: 1. Can I share notebooks on a Free EN account? (right now it seems to me that I can) 2. If sharing is possible whose upload quota do they use? (The creator's only or every person sharing it? or is it some other way?) 3. If sharing is possible is there a limit how many notebooks I can share? I am aware that EN has removed the share public link feature so if I can share I'd need everyone's emails to do it. Removing the public link feature "for security concerns" is upsetting me immensely. Aren't we mostly adults capable of deciding what is safe to share and what not?! Thanks, C
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