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  1. gazumped, I thought about it. I have tried to make a new file and copy-past from the old file but the problem still there. I don't think it has something to do with MS-Excel settings, I didn't find there any option for default cell format. so the change in format is probably happen from EN. I'm using MS office 2010 I'm interested to know if someone has faced this problem to know if it is from EN or not
  2. That happened to me several times. Once I edit an attached excel file in EN and save it then reopen it, I found all cells without formulas has their format changed to "Date" format ! that is really ruining my work ! I even have premium account ! Anyone experiencing this ? how to stop that ? I attached simple table in the excel file . see how all numbers changed to date. the lower cells are 1, 2, 3 but changed to 1-Jan-00, 2-Jan-00, 3-Jan-00 !
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