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  1. "BillScott, I find it unfortunate that you made a rash purchase decision and I will not negate your right to come on this forum and vent about your expectations not being met. However, I would encourage you to contact Support and ask for a refund if you'd rather try another product or simply switch to being a free user. As a Premium member you are entitled to priority support via Live Chat or email. For more details please refer to the below link" Wordsgood, while I respect your opinion. I would like to set things straight. I do not need a lecture on how I should have done my "due dilligence" before I purchased Evernote. I am not a child, and any way you look at it, her univited response was rude. I NEVER complained about Evernote's features. My complaint was the way users are being put down by simply making a request. It is extremely unprofessional, and I seriously doubt the owners of Evernote would approve of the agressive, bullying tactics being used to stifle criticism. I, for one, will never post another question on this forum, because I am a paying customers and I deserve the respect that should be afforded to all users of the product.. paid or free. I'm sorry that your find it unfortunate that I made a "rash decision". The only rash descision that I have made so far is coming to this forum seeking help. You can bar me, and call me any name you want, but I do not have to accept this kind of response for anyone. Yes, please report me and delete me from access to your forum, as I do not wish to accidentally click on this link again, and don't bother to respond as I will not see it or read it. Have a nice life.
  2. BurgerNFries, I have no idea where you came up with all that. When someone starts LECTURING on the difference between NEED and WANTS, it's a good example of lecturing. And furthermore, I never "blamed" the prioduct for anything, and I wasn't adressing you. What gives you the right to start bullying people anyway? I cut my teeth on bullies, and you don't scare me one bit.
  3. I've been writing software and selling software to clients for 35 years. I can't beleive what I am reading. I didn't know Evernote from Google three days ago. The only reason you guys got my money is because I happened to download a $2.99 eBook on Amazon that mentioned Evernote, so I decided to check it out. Now I am reading a kindergarden style debate on why Evernote won't write a notebook protection routine, which I feel I need as well, and all I'm hearing are lectures on why the users (me) don't need it. My 35 years years of experience tells me that this is one of the first indications of delusuons and grandeur, and the first sign of a software company heading for the proverbial tubes. For God sakes, at least have the decency to give your customers reasons for why you cannot do it right now, and stop whining about why they don't need it.
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