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  1. Gazumped, thank you. Sometimes the other machine is up and on the network; sometimes it isn't. Which do you recommend? I use Eversync. I went to Windows 10 on the laptop to see if that would fix it. It didn't. Evernote has to work on the laptop before I reinstall Windows 7 on the desktop. I don't want to end up without Evernote on either computer. Re: your suggestion. Does that mean it's possible that old pieces of Evernote remain after reinstalling Windows 7 and then installing Windows 10? I'll try it and let you know what happens.
  2. This is not working for me. I'm running Evernote (276152) Public. I'm on one of two Windows 7 computers. Evernote works fine on one. Also no problems on Android phone and tablet. On the other computer, I reinstalled the operating system. When I downloaded and tried to reinstall Evernote, it wouldn't let me sign in. First it says 'invalid user name or password'. It's not; both are correct. When I click sign-in again, it says 'Can't connect to server. Please try again later.' I tried the fixes used by others here. In Internet Explorer, both SSL boxes were already unchecked. In Chrome, I added the flag --ssl-version-min=tls1. No difference. Assuming the problem is related to the reinstall of Windows 7, can anyone suggest other possibilities?
  3. It's now August 2014, Evernote is on version 5.5.3..4236. The error message is usually 2203, and it's exactly the same thing. Bootstrapper error ccp:915 -- 0x643. Regardless of the numbers, this problem remains for many.
  4. Tried that. Also tried iObit Advanced System Care Ultimate etc. Same error whether trying to install or uninstall. Also weird: both laptop and desktop run Windows 7 64-bit. Desktop had the problem but later fixed it on its own. I still can't fix it on the laptop.
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