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  1. I switched to Todoist and doubt I'll look back. Todoist makes everything GTD so much easier and smoother. One click to mark something done, instead of dragging to the "Done" notebook, or several clicks on a device that doesn't have drag and drop. Creating a new task by default goes to the Inbox, and I can even add new tasks by voice with Google Now (or Siri). Clean, minimal interface built specifically for GTD. The Android widget works, and it's resizable. First-party email client plugins (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail). Everything just feels streamlined. I signed up for premium after just 10 minutes. I have been using it a few days and I'm in love. It's so much easier now. With Evernote, I got bored of the tedium and eventually abandoned TSW. With Todoist, most of GTD is automated for me. I will continue using Evernote as a journal of articles I read, but Todoist is where I'll be getting things done.
  2. One year anniversary of this thread, good heavens. Problem still exists. No input from devs. I'm guessing it's just ignored.
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