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  1. Hi Evernote, First off -- EN is THE product I do all of my work in, I couldn't do it without you! I have one suggestion that I think would make numbered bulleted lists even better: When you are creating a series of bullets in Word it is possible to start at #1, add text, press return and then tab in to add sub-bullets (usually a,b,c), hit return again and then hit delete to back up to the indent of the original bullet without moving on to #2. This allows you to add additional text to #1 and then, when you are ready, hit return and continue the numbering at #2. This is not currently possible in EN and makes it impossible to add a conclusion or summary after a series of bullets and then continue. I work in Product Management and bullets are vital in describing user journeys and any other kind of process--this is so easy to do in Word but I would MUCH rather do it in EN. Just a thought! Keep up the terrific work! All the best, Ian Campsall
  2. Hi All, I am hoping that someone can help. I opened Evernote this morning and it crashed immediately--I made five more attempts and it crashed every time. I was editing a pdf last night when I left work so that is the mode it opened in. I switched my iPad Air on and off no luck. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the app--it allowed my to log in but when Evernote began its inital synch it crashed. I have unistalled and then reinstalled the app three times and no luck. I am using a brand new iPad Air with iOS 7.1.2. I switched off the iPad last night when I left the office. I have Evernote on my iPhone 5 with the same version of iOS and it works fine. Any thoughts or suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Ian Campsall
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