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  1. Yes, I'd like this feature as well--this thread has been inactive for a while, but thought I'd pile on since I'm still not seeing any feature that allows me to "clear all checked" to-do iteams, in addition to the "check all" and "uncheck all" or something similar. (I'm on my PC desktop using v5.5.3, and I subscribe to "premium"). And even better would be if there's an option to delete the boxes a few seconds after they're checked, or based on a a schedule, clear items that are checked. The next best thing would be to have a "sort" feature (or option) that automatically moves checked items to the bottom of the list, and uncecked to the top. This would be a VERY useful feature to help me capture my running list of "to-do's", and to keep them within one list--rather than maintaining a template of things to be done daily/weekly/etc., as others have suggested. I agree with some others that workarounds and manually deleting the items. Please let me know if the functionality is there and I'm missing it. And if this is something that can be expected in the near future--if not, I'll likely look for another tool that can do this! Love the app otherwise! Scott
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