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  1. I have a really hard time believing this feature is even on evernote's roadmap, considering they introduced support for Apple's high-definition Retina displays shortly after Retina was introduced...way back in 2012. Evernote Press Release in 2012: "Our design team has been hard at work upgrading every button, texture, shadow, and image inside of Evernote for Mac to look sharp and beautiful on the new drool-worthy MacBook Retina displays" https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/07/18/evernote-for-mac-now-with-activity-stream-and-retina-support/ There is no good explanation for why it would take 3+ years to duplicate this feature in windows.
  2. I'm using the windows desktop version. Is there a way to make notebooks purely local on that platform? All the references about local notebooks seem to be in regards to mobile platforms. I can't take the annotating outside evernote because I need the annotation summary. It seems my only option is to turn off automatic sync and just sync manually every few days.
  3. I have a new account that's just about a week old. Right now I have a total of 26 small text notes and one note containing a 826kb pdf. Somehow I've already used 63.8 MB of my monthly upload allowance. I have annotated with highlights the pdf heavily... currently at 125 annotations...is this somehow responsible for 60+ mb of data?
  4. I just want to add two additional issues with your signup webpage that are preventing all users from upgrading to premium. 1) The html/javascript is declaring that all credit card dates are past expiration, even when they are clearly not. 2) The "sign-up through paypal" button does nothing. Again, I have verified that this is not just me by replicating this problem with multiple credit cards, multiple browsers and multiple laptops. Seeing how some technical failure on your premium webpage sign up is directly affecting revenue growth....I would this think ticket would be upgraded to the highest level.
  5. I'm unable to sign up for premium. Every time I put in all my credit card info, the website says that I am not entering in all the required information for the credit card; even though I clearly am. I've tested this on multiple browsers, with multiple credit cards, and also on the windows desktop application. All same result. Looking at the sign-up webpage....it looks like some faulty html code has resulted in a blank space being added in front of all the data entered into the input boxes...possibly causing the website to think no data has been entered. See the attached picture to the error message. I've submitted a trouble ticket. Is there anything else I can do? I really need to annotate some pdfs.
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