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  1. Thanks, Scott. I think I found a way to do it. I originally thought the Preview you were referring to was the Mac application (maybe it is). I know that when I click the annotate icon in Evernote, I get two options: "Annotate entire note as a PDF" or "Annotate a PDF". I had previously been selecting "annotate a PDF" because I didn't want two separate files (the unannotated and the annotated versions). But I discovered that if I annotate the entire note as a PDF, then the highlighting works. That's enough for me. I'll just have to live with two separate files in Evernote. Thanks for all your
  2. Thanks, Scott, for your suggestion. I tried repairing the permissions, but still got the same error. In the process, however, I realized that I've been adding PDFs to Evernote in two ways: from files on my computer and through the Evernote Web Clipper (Chrome browser). For some reason, the PDF files on my computer are the ones having trouble being annotated/saved. The PDFs added using the web clipper, however, have no issue saving annotations. Maybe I should just start annotating with Preview instead of Evernote (it just seemed easier to me to do it all in one place).
  3. I've seen another post on this issue in the Skitch thread, but I'm not sure if this is the same issue or not, so I'm posting it elsewhere. I'm using Evernote for Mac v5.5.2, and for most PDF documents that I'm trying to annotate, I get an "Unable to Save Document" error when I try to close it after annotation. A few PDFs have annotated and closed just fine...but I hate spending a good deal of time annotating something only to find it can't be saved. Does anyone else have this issue and/or know if there's a fix/workaround? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Wes
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