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  1. I have a couple comments. Thanks again to the helpful contributors to this forum. Through them I learned about 'Paste and Match Style' and 'Past as Plain Text,' which meet my needs (OS X, EN 5.5.2).Other than the comment about 'useless moderators,' sodusingevernote's frustrations are reasonable and the things pointed out in the post can reasonably called bugs.As a user of Lotus Notes 3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Notes#History), I can say from experience that there were certain keystrokes and mouse clicks that I had to make every single time I edited a note (which I was required to do for my job) that caused me to come to hate using Notes — though in many ways, it was a decent and flexible collaborative platform. I often thought to myself, 'why can't the Lotus UI developers give me a way to avoid repeating these annoying procedures dozens of times each day?' My only advice to EN is: don't let a seemingly small bug drive users to hate using their product. My 2¢. Thank you. - dcp
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