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  1. Yes! Markdown support as an alternative to wysiwyg would be fab
  2. Backfire how? Please elaborate. If you're emailing a new note (not forwarded), then the new note should have the same created date a the email date (or close to it). This is what happens today. What I'm asking for is a check-able option to make an email that I've received then forwarded to Evernote have the created date of the forwarded email, (which is information that is already in the email headers) instead of the date of the email that contains the forwarded message. Not having the email date as the note created date makes sorting notes by date pretty useless since there is no correlation between the two if they don't match. Putting the date in the title? Eww. That is an awful way to get around not having a pretty simple feature, and makes having the date fields at all a lot more pointless. No. Email is a very old, very standard tech that should have way better support in Evernote for. Basic free email clients don't have a problem figuring out what is forwarded and what isn't because it's part of the standard. Evernote can and should have better email support for handling emails.
  3. I don't know if this is the place to make feature requests, but I regularly forward emails to my Evernote account for archival purposes and it would be great if Evernote had the option of detecting that it was a forwarded email and make the created notes created date match the date of the email being forwarded. This would greatly assist in keeping my notes sortable in the order in which I received the email without me having to make sure I forward the emails in the correct order, or after the fact go in and edit the created date of the note (which I can't even do in iOS). This one thing alone would make Evernote infinitely more useful.
  4. Yes! Please! Being able to edit created date on iOS is incredibly useful. For example, I regularly forward emails to my Evernote account and generally prefer to have the created date match the email date, either the first email of a thread, or just the sent date. Not being able to edit the date in iOS means i have to do this on the desktop app.
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