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  1. Like I said, I love EN, but, I want to keep track of my household expenses since I scan all receipts into EN anyway, it would be a treat to get a report each Month using the same receipts. hope someone comes up with such a program like someone said in an earlier post. You cannot sit still in today's world. EN hasn't had any innovations in several years
  2. When some company comes out with file storage program like EN with the personal expenses app, I will probably leave EN. they have provision for expense accounts, why not personal. Right now, I live and work in Mexico. My secretary is in the US. She handles all my wife and I taxes, pays bills, etc. EN works great, because she can access all my records (except personal). Yes, I know I can use mint and similar programs. but, I would prefer to use only one program.
  3. I really love EN, but cannot find a personal expense app. Most of everything I found is for recording expense reports. I want to record household expenses
  4. It would seem you are aware that EN will let you find personal expense notes through keywords or tags. The tracking just doesn't exist in EN, not even in a half blown accounting system. Yes, I'm aware of the lack of tracking. Am I not correct in assuming that someone could write an Add on App to do some tracking. I don't use it, but it looks like the App "Expensify" does a lot of tracking
  5. I'm not looking for a full blown Acct. System to pay bills, check bank balences etc. I want something that will just keep track of my personal expenses. Home, auto, grocers , entertainment, etc
  6. I agree that Evernote was not developed for accounting. It's works great for me the way it is. I was just hoping some developer saw the need for a simple" add on". App that would help me organize my personal finance. Expensify works great for doing expense reports. The same type of app seems to me , would work for personal expense.
  7. Help I'm new to Evernote. Been using it about a Month and love it. I'm dissapointed though, when I have not been able to find a way to do my personal and household accounting. Evernote is great at keeping copies of my receipts and all my other papers. But, like the above poster, it more trouble than its worth to make up my own spreadsheet. With so many developers out there, i thought someone in the five years that Evernote has been out would see the need for a personal accounting app. I've looked at several app's that are out there now and their main purpose is to handle Business expense r
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