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  1. There's an update to the OP explaining it. I also explained it in that giant wall of text in this note:
  2. @DTLow, Regarding backups. I found your post here: It appears you use a apple script that you wrote to utilize the enscripting engine to do your daily and full overlay backups. I'm sure there are windows client versions of the same type of thing out there that will run using the windows install. I've used geek-note before. In fact, I currently automate the regular creation of journaling notes using geek-note from a unix cron-job. I'd like to implement something independent of the scripting engine or the OS shell to do the backups. I want a more intelligent process (not to say yours
  3. I'm aware of my location and the actions I'm taking. Thanks for the recap, I'm not trying to be rude with you, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Just understand that I'm trying to resolve a problem with data loss, my data loss, not speculating from outside the problem. You'll have to excuse my tone. Anyway... Thanks for the links. You inspired me to take a look at the db schema. You may be interested in the information I found. There's a separate notebook_attr table also. That means that a "notebook" is a separate object that contains notes, not just an attribute on the no
  4. Hey, @DTLow. Thanks for the suggestion. It's not in the web platform trash either. I don't understand why you can recover notes but not notebooks. I'd like it escalated, please. Do I need to submit a new ticket somewhere to get data systems involved? Someone can recover it, I'd like whoever that is to get involved, even if that means the systems DBA getting involved to dig through archives. Evernote does not provide a convenient delta backup utility. Exporting my entire account through the desktop client everyday is not a reasonable practice to take up. I have quite a large vol
  5. Hi, While trying to select "rename" on a notebook, in the android client, i hit "delete" instead. The client didn't ask for confirmation, it just deleted the notebook. The notebook, nor any of its notes, appear in the trash in the android client nor in the synced windows client. I do not want this notebook deleted and need it back along with all of its notes. Please help. Also, please fix the delete function to ask for confirmation. Thanks, Bill UPDATE: This issue has resolved. The notebook was removed from a stack, not deleted. The notebook was found by digg
  6. bump? i'm doing the same exact thing and can easily foresee this becoming a problem like a month down the road since the most recent notes are on the bottom of the notebook. i am quite surprised this doesn't exist; seems like it would have been an original design decision.
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