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  1. This is becoming a platform confidence killer. Evernote devs, please pay attention. This is not an edge case. Evernote for MAC is crippled and needs attention.
  2. gazumped - The issue I'm describing occurs without an existing lowercase counterpart. For instance, my existing tags that start with r might be: red religion ridiculous Then when I attempt to create ReadItLater, the autocomplete functionality finds those 3 when I type R and immediately changes it to lowercase, so what results is a tag that reads readItLater, because the first character was "case folded" to match the lowercase list while I'm typing, preventing me from creating anything that starts with uppercase R unless I arrow key left to replace it manually. Even if later as I'm typin
  3. The Problem When I attempt to add a new tag to a note (as in one that I haven't used before), ReadItLater for example, Evernote automatically modifies my uppercase 'R' to a lowercase 'r'. The list of existing tags that start with lowercase 'r' are in the suggestion list, but it won't let me create the uppercase 'ReadItLater' unless I arrow key left and replace the letter after I'm finished typing the tag. The effect is the same from upper to lower and ultimately depends on the contents of the tag cloud. The Solution When the user initiates typing a tag in the "click to add tags" locati
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