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  1. Hello, I've started to use my new Lenovo Yoga X1 Ultrabook. It has Touchpad and Touch Pen onboard. I'm an Evernote user since a couple of years now and one of the reasons to buy a X1 was to use the pen function within Evernote. But, to be honest, the pen support within Evernote on Windows 10 is horrible. There are very good implementations for any other Tablet including Android and iPad, that are really useful. But Windows 10 support does not even allow to start with handwritten notices by default. I think it'll be very helpful to come up with full tablet support in the Windows 10 App like it is in other tablet apps. This will help Evernote to spread widely within that community. By now, I'm using MyScript Nebo instead, at least to use handwriting features. In the first it would be helpful to make imports vom Nebo into Evernote possible, if full include of all handwriting features is a longer track to do. Hoping you'd thing about my request and make it work in the near feature :-) Wirh best regards from Germany Olaf
  2. That worked for me! Thanks @gazumpet Regards Olaf
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a desktop shortcut for evernote to open a note dirctly from W7 desktop. I tried: - Copy Evernote Link to Note - Create new shortcut on Desktop and - paste in the link to note as URL Result: Since the Note URL always comes with leading https://www.evernote.com/shard/... the note will be opened in browser. But I want to open it directly in Evernote desktop application. I then tried to use filehandler "evernote://" with several combinations of the link. But there always is a message, that Evernote cannot open it since the link is wrong. I'm using Evernote for Windows, version (272236) Public with premium account. What do I need to do to get this working? Regards Olaf P.S.: I found several linkst for this problem also in Evernote forums and Google, but they were mostly from 2011/2012 and seemed to be outdated since none of them worked for me.
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