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  1. Yeah, I don't know. I just tried uploading 100 text files that had been created on a PC using Notepad into my Evernote notebook on my MacBook. I dragged them into the left sidebar. 18 out of the 100 notes have this attachment issue while the rest are good. All files are text files with the .txt extention. When I look at the created notes with this problem on my Android phone using the Evernote app, the contents are in an attachment. It says I can edit the file using OfficeSuite, or I can click on the attachment and be prompted whether or not I want to use Polaris Office 4 to view. I guess I
  2. Thanks for the responses. Dragging a .Txt file into the notebook or the side bar on a MacBook does create a note with the file name as the title. However, the contents are saved as an attachment, one that I can preview by clicking on the eye button or I can download the text file. I'd like for the contents of the text file to be emptied into the note, like with all other notes that if typically make, and not have the body contents be a file that I have to click on to see. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been trying to import notes saved as text files into an Evernote notebook. However I'm not getting the desired result. I want to import the contents of each text file into its own note while keeping the file name as the node's title. Using the import function gives me the note but with the first few words of the content as its title. Dragging and dropping the text file into my Evernote notebook on a Mac gives me the note with the file name as the title, which is what I want, but the contents is just an attachment of the text file, which is not what I want. It's there another way, pr
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