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  1. Scott / Support: The quick summary: My OCR searches / tests were successful with notes added today for a short period of time and then later my searches were unsuccessful for the exact same search. It seems like the note is first indexed and then changes to not indexed. How do I correct this? All older notes (older than one day) show that the images aren't indexed. Before today I didn't know about checking if a note was indexed by clicking on the "i" in Evernote's Windows program, so I don't know if the older messages were ever indexed and then later became not indexed. Multiple notes were searched successfully previously, if that helps. For today's note I saw that the note read indexed, searches were successful, and then a couple of hours later the same note showed up as not indexed. My process today (similar to previous days): I hand wrote out a new note with mostly clear handwriting on a plain paper notebook, took a picture, opened Evernote on my iOS device, created a new note, added the picture, saved it, hit sync, went to Evernote on my windows desktop, hit sync, found the note, and preformed successful searches of the hand written text within the picture. I would later come back to the note or try a search and the same search would be unsuccessful. All searches were preformed with the windows app. Again, how do you get a image re-indexed if it isn't indexed or if it has been multiple days? Do I have to be a premium user for any of these features? I am not a premium user yet... Thank you - Brian Wilson
  2. Fellow Users: I'm having an issue with OCR searches and JPEGS any day after the first day. Initially after I've uploaded a new note with a JPEG I can successfully search the JPEGs for words (I'm searching pictures of handwritten notes from a notebook). The weird thing is that I can successfully search for a word (for example "call") directly after I upload the note and JPEG and come back the next day and search for the same word and I get nothing. Any suggestions? My environment: I am not a premium user. My devices: A windows 8 laptop and a iPhone 5s / an IOS device. Both are running the latest software as of 8-13-14. My process: I take a picture of my handwritten note with my iPhone camera, I crop the picture as needed, I rotate if needed, and save the image. I then use my iPhone to open a new note, I title it, and I choose the picture with my notes. I like using the camera for taking the picture better because I'm trying to capture handwritten business notes from a notebook and with the standard IOS camera I can crop out anything on the sides that I don't want to include. Again, any suggestions are appreciated.
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