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  1. I dislike the narrow scroll bar too. And the new super hi-res screens make it super tiny. I like to scroll by using my finger on my touch screen - and it is impossible to catch that tiny scrollbar with a finger. I have to stop and go for the mouse every time. The low contrast grey on grey is bad too, especially for the visually impaired (it should be illegal). Some programs let a finger touch-and-drag move the text (and a simple touch to start a select). Ideally a two finger touch-and-drag would scroll (like it does on most touchpads and in some programs on touchscreens). So Evernote, how about an option to change the width (and color) of the scroll bar? Seems like that should be easy enough. Then those who like the thin one can keep using it. I know you love the Mac, and that's OK. Its a great machine. But why must you try to make it harder on us Windows users? We may not have the best UI but we know how to work with it. Let us. Use the standard Windows UI styles.
  2. Just an idea - set up Evernote on a brand new device and let it download your notes from the server. Then sort by size - this will give you a good idea if the server has any blank notes. If no blanks on the new device, then the server probably has none. If there are blanks then the server likely has bad copies. (Not a lock, as you might get a bad download/sync etc etc.). Try to find a note on this new device that is blank on another device. If its content is there, then there is a fair chance that all or nearly all the notes are OK on the server. If the server looks good, then you can wipe Evernote off of each bad device and reload it. This is not just an UNinstall - when this happened to me (several blank notes on one device) I had to uninstall both the Windows 8 touch version of EN, and uninstall the desktop version and also delete a data folder (in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Evernote). This worked well for me. But it would be wise to follow someone with more knowledge than I on how to do this just right! Also, make sure you have a good solid fast Internet connection when you do this. I think my problems originated due to a poor connection. Hopefully, support has already gotten back to you. In any case, it might be best to do nothing until support does get to you.
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