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  1. To clarify: I am a Card-Munch-Merger-Acquired customer who received a complimentary 12 months of Premium Business Card Scanning services. I was positioned for easy conversion to a full-fledged Premium paying customer... until I couldn't get the app open without pushing an authentication email button every time. Would you invest the time required to input / transfer your personal data into software that can't even work out simple authentication? I won't.
  2. Evernote has received funding of > $250 million and purports to have 100 million + users. They're "thinking of an IPO in a few years." (WSJ) Really? A public company? Because from where I'm sitting it took 21 days for Evernote's tech support to reply to my email, an email which was initially suggested by an Evernote employee in this forum. The not-so-funny-thing? The tech suggested I perform a search of this forum to see if there's a discussion about my issue... Despite the fact that I LINKED them to this forum thread in the footer of my support ticket documentation. Below is a screenshot of their reply. So if you're looking for answers here Evernote users and newbie posters, look no further. Evernote does not care about this issue, does not plan on addressing this issue, and will not so much as reply to your inquiry into the issue. They don't even know this thread exists. Well played, Evernote, not well played. Case closed (by Evernote support, that is.)
  3. I think we may have solved the mystery. If you keep pressing the “Send verification email”, it’s no surprise that it keeps sending you emails. The button is there to send you an email. In order to verify your address you need to click the big green button in the email. Once you do that, you should not be asked to verify it again. I didn't think it need to be stated that I then clicked the "big green button" in the email to verify my email address given the extensive documentation in this support thread. As noted in my posts throughout this thread and in the emails to Evernote Support (as requested by an Evernote employee posting above) I am asked repeatedly to verify my email (and I do verify it) but it doesn't seem to be saving the authentication. That said, if all Evernote Support techs think it's as simple as users not knowing to push a button then it's no wonder I never got a response from my support tickets. I notice that many people posting in this thread are newbies to the Evernote forum, which tells me they (like I) probably signed on specifically to report this issue. To restate the issue: Upon opening Evernote on my iPhone I get a "Please verify your email" popup with 3 options: - Yes - Edit my email - Ask me later Yes = receive verification email, click button to verify email address, receive email verified confirmation webpage. I have repeated this cycle dozens of times now. Edit = changing email addresses does not eliminate the problem, I tried. Ask me later = it asks me again later which still does not solve the problem It is correct that "Once you do that, you should not be asked to verify it again." "Should not but I am" sums up the ongoing issue. While it's nice to have a contribution from an Evernote employee... To suggest "click the link" is the mystery solution after months of users documenting the issue seems rather rudimentary.
  4. I log in only with my email address; just looked and cannot find where I would have created a username (I don't recall having the option). When I opened the app to run my test just now (log out > log in > confirm I'm using email and not username) the system prompted me to verify my email before I could use the app. I hit the "send verification email" and I received the "verify your address" email in my inbox. Again.
  5. I only have Evernote installed in one location, on iPhone, therefore this theory does not explain the issue for me.
  6. Support email & screenshot sent. Hope everyone chimes in so we get this fixed.
  7. Ditto, iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1.1 Evernote was installed and email verified months ago. I am the only user, I am logged in, looking at a document that was left open, and when I go back to the Notebooks screen I get "Is this your email?" popup. I'm a new user brought in by the Card Munch merger. I've verified my email ~10 times. I can't find any security settings that affect or cause this. I can't think of any solution on my (consumer) end that would fix this. Has anyone at the company acknowledged an issue?
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