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  1. Some other strange behavior I've seen with the new (very buggy) Evernote Windows version is that it saved a "Custom Dictionary.txt" file in one of the file folders on my drive that has nothing to do with Evernote. (It was one of the dropbox folders I regularly work in, but nothing from evernote is stored there). Shouldn't an Evernote dictionary file be in the Evernote directory, or at the least in the Windows User directory? Also, I absolutely hate the new PDF viewer. I have scanned PDFs of differing sizes and they now look very different in the PDF viewer. Smaller ones have a large margin of black space around them which looks very intrusive and unattractive.
  2. As others have noted above, in this new version of Evernote for Windows there is a pronounced lag for notes to display (~1 second or more), and on my installation an accompanying "flicker" in which the note flashes on. This is so annoying and inefficient that I am being forced for the first time to roll back to an earlier version of EN. One the the best features of evernote for me is the ability to flip through and view notes quickly in a notebook. If every note takes >1 second to appear and flickers, this feature is lost for me. I hope this is resolved as soon as possible so I can return to the latest version.
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