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  1. (I thought originally it said flies)


    Evernote conference in full swing. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/10/04/the-evernote-conference-announcements-highlights-photos/


    Here's hoping.  I discover in the biggest project I need to keep up with (Moodle) that a lot of business is done in smoke filled back rooms (metaphorically speaking) over late night after session drinks.


    May the bodies at EC4 have great clarity.



  2. Evercon 4: https://evernote.com/ec/ (Not to be confused with http://evercon.org/)


    1.00 on the Thursday - Breakout sessions and Workshops: talk - State of the Platform - Chris Traganos — Director of Developer Relations, Evernote
    https://evernote.com/ec/#schedule - Sounds good.  Does anyone know this guy and could we ask that this be recorded and posted in YouTube?
    Sadly the work of one of the most interesting looking speakers (as in "practical and applied") seems to be in Spanish.  https://www.youtube.com/user/vladcampos
    Josh Zerkel is new to Evernote (last month) eg http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/01/20/6-ways-evernote-can-boost-your-productivity-guest-post-by-joshua-zerkel/  Here's hoping some new blood may help!!
    http://moearora.com/ Moe Orara looks interesting as well.
    Now I know why printing in Evernote sucks.  ""paperless" seems to be a theme in some of the articles here.
    I wonder if these guys ever have a syncing, printing, data, formating, presenting or error problem?  I wonder do they care about us poor EN forum inhabiters?  I wonder if they will use EN presenter?
    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=evernote gives lots and lots of videos, I've never watched one of them.  Maybe I should.  
    So: this does look an interesting lineup, even if a bit of a talk fest.  No "Feedback to Evernote" sessions.  Paul Libin CEO will be there as well.
    Who is nearest to it? https://evernote.com/ec/#location  Someone or more should go.
    My 2c
  3. (1) Re "Pounding the pulpit"

    This is a reference to preaching.  Like the old story: A kid looked at his Dad's preaching/sermon notes.  In the margin is written "argument weak here, pound the pulpit and shout like h-ell"


    @Alan We do not think your argument is weak.  But if you were saying this over a coffee or something stronger, we can imagine you getting a tad animated.


    (2) Re Rightnote.  I saw the report on this, way up in this thread.

    But no response to the "have you checked it out?" question.


    Anyone?  Or do I have to get my hands dirty.


    (3) Reflection: the cross platform issue is big.  There are some good Mac only or PC only options it seems.


    (4) Investigated some free forums last night, and considered LinkedIn (but their business ethics are pretty low and client unfriendly)  Nothing to suggest yet.





  4. @GM, you say: "I think it is OK to grouse about this or that concerning Evernote, but if we want to talk about alternatives (beyond just mentioning names of other services), I think we ought to carry the discussion elsewhere"


    I'm OK to discuss things here, If it's not just pointless complaining.  If it is on the topic.  If there is potential to help EN.  Where else?


    I was engaging with a multinational here last week.  This is what they said when I asked if they could get me a product of theirs in from Australia to buy and for me to trial:


    This product is not available through COMPANY New Zealand and unfortunately we are not in a position to import one from COMPANY in Australia for a trial basis. As you can understand as with other industries not all products are available in all countries and this happens to be one of those products. We also have a strong support policy and warranty and are not able to bring in any products whether for trial or otherwise without being able to provide full support for them.


    I asked if they could bring in a product from Aussie to trial recognising there would be no local service.  I asked how many sales are needed from my sector to make it worthwhile etc and they ignored all those aspects..  Never mind not meeting customer needs.  The comparison is with "other industries".  They provide "low level service" , it's OK for us to do the same.  Just like Gazumped compared EN behaviours to those of Apple .  :-)  No competition.  That's the problem.


    GrumpyMonkey, my question is the same as JMichaels.  Why?  I respect anyone with 10,697 posts.  :-)



  5. @Grumpymonkey

    "I prefer it when companies clearly explain their thinking (transperancy), set reasonable expectations among users, and achieve them. There is actually more to the art / science of getting people to incorporate services into their lives, but this is a big start. Ambiguity, opacity, and mixed signals don't help endear me to products"


    We may prefer it.  But this does not describe Evernote.  I was saddened by the response I got when I bought into Evernote and found problems here on the forums in basic issues like printing, formating etc.  

    In this post, just one of many: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63966-presentation-mode-why-do-i-have-to-scroll-the-page-to-get-the-note-body/#entry293635 the commonly accepted "unofficial" view:


    Evernote really don't (usually) comment on features that may or may not be in development.  Until they identify a possible feature they can't know whether it's technically feasible or not - unless it was a completely dumb*ss suggestion,  which yours isn't.  My only point is that they don't comment.  At all. And future development is always under wraps until they're ready for it to be released,  like Apple and every other software design house I can think of.  Same goes for Ford and car manufacturers,  Nikon and camera companies... 


    The same with fixes.  Users just get ignored (generally). "We may know, but the fact that you have bought our product gives us no obligation to tell you what we are doing, planning to do or in any way be helpful"  There has been one exception where a staffer actually responded.  Kati.  This was great, and encouraging - Here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64482-feature-request-presentation-mode-increased-font-size/?p=296668


    Unfortunately this line of inquiry has died also, it's been passed on to someone and Kati didn't know any more.  She is 'hoping'.


    Evernote was cool and classy in the past, had huge potential, but like the radicals of the 60's, grown up and become conservative, hidebound, less responsive, less relationship centred and more materialistic.  One person's view only.


    SO: alternatives?  I will follow this thread with interest.


    I have just simplified my life into  a small number of projects, each with a Google drive folder and the collaborators with permissions.  This takes care of part of the old Evernote needs.



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  6. OK, thanks Kati.  A link to my first effort.

    1. Case A with the small text.
    2. Case B with smaller text for links.  This may of course be a feature not a bug.
      And tables getting a bit out of proportion.  (Plus the same small text)


    • This is on a Windows PC
    • This is showed on a data projector.to quite a large group.

    I had difficulty uploading this, My limit is 130.9Kb.  (How is this calculated?)


    Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sxhzi0e3minyrif/AAAX97GVl33_M6GRlU7-akqaa?dl=0



  7. I'm finding the font size in Presentation mode is too small.  If I make it bigger in the original note it scales it down.  This makes things less valuable for larger groups.


    I've checked out the forums eg

    But there doesn't seem to be any clarity at the moment, so I've started this new single issue thread

    My first posts here.


    So Is there a place for "Feature requests"?  or an Evernote roadmap?


    Does anyone know of information about this fonts issue or a hack or a workaround?


    Best regards



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