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  1. I still don't think I have seen Clearly...I downloaded it before I downloaded the web clipper for Foxfire, so I might need to go back and try it again. (?) The only options I have with foxfire are clip page and clip URL. I was expecting more. I know there is more.
  2. YAY!! I was just doing it wrong! Thank you. I hadn't noticed the icon in the toolbar, and in IE I always right click. I am still wondering why the right click doesn't work...
  3. sigh. I am sorry to be such a pain. I right click in a webpage and click "clip page" and I get nothing. Same thing with "clip URL." The only one that responds is the "new note." It comes up immediately to create a new note. Am I doing something wrong? I downloaded Foxfire today, and the browser is working great, but I am not getting the result I wanted for evernote...
  4. Do you have to have EN open in both browsers? That seems to be my problem...or I don't know what I am doing. LOL I am finding I have to close EN, and open it in the specific browser. Is that what you are doing? I think I am making this harder than it needs to be...
  5. I am a new user and am finding myself clipping a lot of web pages (mostly receipts and travel confirmations). I want to use clearly, but I am a IE user...so can I use firefox when I need to? Surely I wouldn't need two accounts, but I can't figure out how to do it.
  6. Thanks! I understood all of that before...it just took an awful lot of browsing in the hard drive to find my desktop!
  7. Can you help a computer ditz find the desktop from the Import Files Tool? That would make me very happy.
  8. I know there are old (a year +) posts about this problem, but did it ever get fixed for IE? I don't have evernote as an option when I right click in a pdf online... I am trying to add a folder to my desktop and have EN import it from there, but EN does not give me the option of the desktop when I go into import files...only my C drive. Can someone help please? I have spent way too much time trying to resolve this problem!!
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