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  1. Hmm, maybe I missed the posts but all I could find is notebook level protection. What am I asking is a simple PIN protection much like on mobile device. If the user is idle for X minutes then EN locks-up with a simple PIN...
  2. So, I agree that you can log-out from your Windows Evernote each time you want to... BUT it would be great to have a PIN protection for those times when you leave your Evernote app just closed and you do not exit/logout. Sometimes you just close the windows app (no actual exit/logout) and when you start it again it is already running and it does not require regular login and second step. I have to mention I use regular login and second step. I am also a premium user. A PIN protection for the windows app (closed state) would be extremely easy to implement and based on my SDLC experience the costs are close to nothing. Thank you.
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