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  1. I have been an Evernote user for close to 8 years. Until a couple of months ago the preferences settings allowed me to chose any default notebook, local or synced. Very handy for me to chose a local default, and then at my leisure and convenience, decide what I wanted to sync to the server. Starting fairly recently the new preferences settings let you only chose synced Notebooks which does not work for me. I understand that a forced cloud service is not the best choice, hence goodbye EN.
  2. Your latest 'improvement' of only being able to choose a shared notebook as the default notebook for new notes makes it impossible for me to continue. I have a very slow, limited bandwidth satellite connection and this change is simply unworkable for me. Goodbye!
  3. I too find the font in the UI far too small to read comfortably. I am considering switching to OneNote although I have used and loved using EN. Too bad that this issue has not received the attention required to keep up with ageing users. Have any of you used/tried OneNote?
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