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  1. I would love to have the option of sorting alphabetically lists within notes, especially bulleted lists or table rows. I make a lot of lists in my notes, and alpha order is just helpful when organizing my thoughts. Please please!
  2. This has all been VERY helpful. Thanks. I was easily able to make a notebook stack so now I have two main stacks, and in those, lots of different notebooks and notes. Yay! Thanks.
  3. I love love Evernote. I keep all of my work notes here and also notes for personal items. But what I really need is a way to keep the two separate. So what I'd like is something like a "binder" in which all of the work notebooks reside, and each notebook within work still has their own notes. Then I'd like another one for personal items. Right now, my personal items are just a notebook with different notes. But it would be so helpful if I could have different notebook for my personal items. Does that exist in Evernote, or are there any plans for that to happen? Thanks.
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