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  1. To Scott and Candice: Thank you so much. I do not think you will ever know how much this is helping me with thousands of ideas. First, let me just quickly address the code part. This is part of a grander scheme that is running around educational circles where you have students number their work so it is in alphabetical order. The code will only be three digits. The first digit will be their peirod number. The second number is the number I assign them based on alphabetical order. So someone may be #305. That means they are #5 in my class. They use this number all year for all technology we do (IE graphing calculators, promethean clickers, etc). That being said, the more I look at your suggestions, the more I am feeling you are both right that tagging as I scan them is going to really optimize what I want to do. Taking a little time up front can really save in the future. I need to research scanners, maybe the evernote one will let me tag as I scan. Then I am thinking Candice you are right that for just a conference I could simply merge into one note. I had not considered that at all, but that would be so much easier to share. Then, I could reserve a notebook for any student that the parent once to have an ongoing review of. That would be more rare. Again, thank you both for helping me. I know it will be a learning process as I go through this, but I think the benefits will far outweight the costs. Thanks again!!! I may come up with more questions/problems!
  2. Hey Scott, Thanks for the quick and great feedback. My first question about scanning, what I was wondering is that say I have 30 papers. If I scan them all at the same time, would it simply count it as one major pdf or each one as a separate note, or can I indicate that setting? I would hate to hand feed at the end 160+ documents one at a time. As for the filing, I liked the suggestions you had. The thing is though, I want to be able to share notebooks on some students. For instance, if I had a problem student or engaged parent, I would want to create a notebook that I could share with them. My vision is at a parent-teacher conference to be able to show work on my tablet to parents and give them on option to see it most any time? I think your idea of tagging is a great one. Again, realistically I am not sure I can keep up with having to take 160-180 documents every time. That seems time consuming.
  3. Greetings All, I am a relative newbie to Evernote and soaking it in believing this will completely transform my teaching. I have researched and read everything I can find on this topic and will continue to do so. I want to incorporate this to use with Student portfolios. I do have a premium account (ty S5), but I would be an early adapter at my school and will not be able to get school licenses. I teacher 180 students, so there is no way I could create a folder for each one. What I thought about doing is the following and I would love feedback, suggestion, and comments: - Create a notebook for all scanned documents for students (probably different notebook for each period) - I will assign each students a certain code and on the top of each paper I will make them write the code (IE #501) - I am more than willing to invest in a quality scanner such as the Evernote Snapscan - When I have a problem student or upcoming conference, I can do a search for their number and the OCR should pick up all documents that have that number 501. - I can create a folder for that student with their number and then share it with the parents as necessary. So my questions included: 1) For this to work would i have to scan each document separately anyway? 2) Would the ocr and search functions be sophisticated enough to pick up the codes? 3) Any other suggestions, concerns, etc? Thanks so much in advance for any and all advice.
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