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  1. So, yet to be confirmed officially: Is this spam, harmful bullshit, or is it official? And if it is, why has all this time passed witouth any official confirmation from Evernote? It's not rocket science to find if a specific user in this thread has been sent an outgoing confirmation notification or not. If this isn't officially answered witihin 30 days from now, Evernote is dead to me. It just doesn't cut it, not being able to even get a confirmation that this isn't an exploit I'm accepting every time, or an official bug!! GET YOUR ***** ***** TOGHETER EVERNOTE!!! (nothing personal ScottLougheed)
  2. Update: I now noticed that the message says that there was an error verifying / error with the connection. This is app related and I tried instantly after getting a new popup. Surfed seconds before and seconds after, not phone issue.
  3. I am getting this on my android device (KitKat and HTC ONE Dual SIM). Have gotten about 5 of these and I'm now tired of verifying.
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