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  1. Ok cshilling. Thanks. Great. I did not know the set date. Ok this post is closed. I will use that.
  2. Thanks so much! Putting it at the end makes sense. Will try that. I asked the client to always reply all. That way the cc will continue to be filled in automatically.
  3. Hey guys, Whenever I work with clients I create a project like CALMERA Project in Evernote and I use tags to tag. I have been experiencing a problem when people reply on these mails. Because the next notes do not get into my Evernote book any more. CALMERA is a note book in Evernote. #leon is the name of the person #2016 is the tag of year 2016. I create an email with the subject @CALMERA Project This email is about progress #leon #2016. I put everything in the body plus attachment. I send it to the client client@gmail.com and I cc my evernote email eg myemail.evernote.com This email and note will end up in the notebook CALMERA and I see the topic called Project This email is about progress. And I see tags 2016 and leon. But when the client replies to my email and the topic becomes FW @CALMERA Project This email is about progress #leon #2016 I do not see the emails anymore in my notebook. Evernote does not recognize the @ anymore.... because there is a FW in front of it..... HELP..... I NEED THIS TO WORK. How to fix it?
  4. I like the feature of Evernote where you put @ followed by the name of the note book and # followed by the tags. And it automatically sends your email to the right notebook. Scanning I was thinking it would be great if I could just put a blank page and type @ followed by the name of the note book and # followed by the names of the tags and it actually would send the scanned documents to the right notebooks. Is there a way to achieve this through scanning? My set up: I scan all my documents and then I add them to Evernote by dragging them from the scanned folder to Evernote. I would love if once a document is put in my inbox folder, Evernote could just look at those words @ and # and move the file to the right folder.
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