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  1. Scrolling in Quicklook is broken i.e. after clicking on the eye (Quicklook) in the icon for an attached document, a Quicklook preview of the file is presented but scrolling with the mouse, dragging the scroll marker or clicking in the scroll bar does nothing. Google Drive integration is still flaky i.e. inserting a file from Google Drive can end up looking three different ways - long horrible URL (most of the time), this is usually fixed by going to the webclient for Evernote, loading the note & then syncing the desktop client. This results in the option below. - the actual name of the file (sometimes) - a file icon showing the name, file type & various options (sometimes)
  2. I have been making my notes/notebooks publicly available via the share notebook link option. This has worked without a hitch for years but today it is failing with a "Note not found" message when trying to open the link in a browser (see screenshot). I noticed that the link generated in the above way adds the following to the link: (null). If I remove this extra bit, I don't get the error message but I am forced into an Evernote account. Interestingly, when I share the note via my iPad (iOS 11) there is no such problem.
  3. I am having similar formatting issues with text copied from Evernote to another program. I keep getting the following: • instead of a bullet point (achieved by pressing the OPTION key & 8  for some spaces but not all?! See screenshot below.
  4. This is true. At least there is now a roundabout way of achieving this. Probably the best way is to have PDF Expert installed & open a file in there, make changes & then re-attach from Evernote via the file attach button. Cloud services would also work but I'm not sure about up & downloading files unnecessarily.
  5. Pleas note that all the steps described bellow are for iOS: I have tried the "append to existing note" via email & after a lot of trial & error I got it to work. The main issue with was with how Evernote interpreted things like hyphens & quotation marks. So it works, but man, you have to jump through some hoops. Note that you can copy & paste an attachment (PDF, Word, image, etc.) WITHIN a note but when you copy an attachment in one note & then select another note & chose "paste" you can briefly see the attachment appear in the selected spot but then promptly disappears. The thing that frustrates me here is that when I repeat the above in OneNote, there are no such issues. I can copy & paste within a note, within a note book & even across notebooks. So I am currently wrestling with the thought of transferring all of my lesson plans (I'm a teacher) to OneNote. I have invested in an iPad Pro & want to be able to hand write solutions to the Physics worksheets (PDFs) in GoodNotes & then place them in a particular spot in a particular lesson plan note in Evernote. And in case you are tempted, please do not suggest that I use Evernote's annotation feature. A few seconds with that, quickly killed off any desire to use it. I would dearly love to have an iPad only workflow with Evernote as I much prefer it to OneNote. Right now I'm playing around with a Surface Pro & apart from the whole Windows 10/Surface Pro bugs frustrations it is just a far more straightforward proposition.
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