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  1. Hi , I currently have around 21,000 notes and did have backups but unfortunately the backups were on the hard drives on my laptop, it has two independent drives so I thought I would be safe, but the bloody technicians at Asus scrubbed both hard drives and then replaced one of them so I lost all data. I was not happy So now every time I start to sync it runs for about a minute and then crashes out.. I have it on my phone so at least I can get to things when needed, but would love to get things back up and running on my Laptop. I may try and install from an old laptop and see if that works , then I could do and export of all data and the import it into the newer laptop. Regards, David
  2. Laptop has been rebuilt, but now I am unable to install Evernote. Asus Notebook VX7SX Series i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.2GHz 16GIG RAM Application opens and then starts to sync but after about 50 seconds I get an error and it shuts down. Exception Info Evernote.exe v. (0xc0000005) EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing to 0x4dc4fa12 at 0x004d0067 Wondering is anyone has had this sort of issue before as I cant find a way to resolve it ? Regards David
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