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  1. Handwriting appears to allow some (minimal) form of copying (at least in android). If I hand write a circle and convert it into a perfect circle by touching the circle symbol that pops up and then hand write a second circle (similar to the first) in close proximity to the first and touch the circle symbol that pops up again, you will see that an identical circle has been created on top of the first. If you want more identical circles, just keep on handwriting circles close to the original and touching the perfect circle pup up icon. Since now all the circles will lie on top of each other, to s
  2. I sense that the EN programmers don't grasp all the benefits of allowing the users to choose which image (amongst many images stored in a single note) to display in the snippet view. My personal reason of why I would like this convenience is because I have many notes that touch into common topic areas that I would like to easily identify with a common image when I scroll through all my notes . Yet, the notes are independent enough that I don't want to group them into a separate notebook. In any case, EN has so many other incredible benefits that they overcompensate this one annoying weakness
  3. jlb247: Thanks for your note . I tried what you suggested using my Surface PC (since my Android smart phone does not have the "control-x" option). As much as I tried to cut and paste, the image did not change from what was there originally. The only (non-optimal) solution that has worked for me (check one of my previous comments) is to resize the image that I want displayed in my snippet view to the correct aspect ratio (there are some apps out there that can help you resize images) an then, after some trial and error, I get the right image. It is not a very practical solution. I have onl
  4. I can't remember in what thread I saw it, but while in "snippet" mode there is a process (acceptable but it could be simpler if EN invested a little more effort in addressing this issue) where by you can select a specific photo to be displayed in "snippet view". You just have to make sure that the specific photo you want displayed is the widest. How do you know which photo inside a note is the widest photo. Just open the note in edit mode; scroll down the note and visually compare the widths of the photos as they pass by; if your desired photo is not the widest, you can enlarge it by using
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