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  1. Thanks for the quick addition of Google Drive. I clicked through settings to find the Google Drive setup and just happened to click on Rich Links without realizing that was needed. Maybe it should automatically enable Rich Links when the user goes through/completes Google Drive integration or include a setup with a tick box explaining it so they're introduced to this new option?
  2. [Had this in iOS Beta and forgot about this forum, so I deleted so I could put it in the proper place!] I have been noticing this awhile and maybe there's a way to do it faster, but I'm not sure I know it. I like to use the iOS Evernote App to import multiple photos pretty frequently. The way I do this is tap "Photos" on the Evernote Homescreen. This takes me to Camera, which is not what I want half the time. From there I have to tap Photos. Could there be a way to not have to load the Camera? One thought would be to hold longer on Photos button instead of a tap. Probably could happen other ways, but something to avoid loading Camera would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. Just realized a feature request for the Mac app. Could "All Notes" somehow be added to the new Search switcher (the command-j one), either by typing All Notes or having it accessible via the input/search's Recent Items listing somehow? I am really getting into it but sometimes need to pop out of a notebook to view my all notes.
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