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  1. First, thanks to everyone for their input and ideas. A couple of things I probably should have put in my original post are: I have a LOT of experience with enterprise project management tools (most recently Primavera) The core problem (IMHO) with enterprise tools is their need for complete and accurate data at the lowest level This granular data requirement requirement basically kills any ability for a manager like me to quickly assess the impacts of changes in priorities. Why? Because it's basically impossible to keep that much detailed data updated sufficiently, so any analysis based on it can't really be trusted.So, since the bottom-up approach described above simply doesn't work in my environment, I'm looking for top-down tools instead. Thanks again for your input and ideas, and I understand the perfect solution does not exist. Just hoping to leverage ideas and lessons learned from this community. Thanks!
  2. Hi Evernoters. First post here, so please excuse any genuinely stupid mistakes on my part. I use Evernote pretty consistently for note taking (duh), web clipping, and turning emails into to-dos. It's this last one that I'm looking to expand my capabilities on. I'd like a SIMPLE 3rd party app for task/project management that would: Run on iOS, Android, and web browser. Of these, frankly the web browser interface is the most important. Flag items in Evernote to create Tasks (and in a perfect world, groups of Tasks as Projects). Another bonus would be for these Tasks & Projects to carry Tags & other attribution from Evernote over to the Task/PM app. Organize and assign dates & people to Tasks & Projects Share Tasks & Projects with at least five and as many as 10 people on my team, through the web interface. Allow those team members to update status, add comments, alter dates, etc. Be able to view Tasks & Projects as either grouped lists or Calendar events. Integration with Google Calendar, iCal, etc. preferable, but a native Calendar view would be adequate $0 cost for my team, $0 or minimal ($5/month) cost for me as the PM lead.I've looked at Azendoo (nice, but pretty simplistic), Asana (requires another app for Evernote integration), Zendone (can't figure out what this one can/can't do from the web page!), and SmartTM. Based on the above requirements, what would you Evernote geniuses recommend? Thanks in advance for helping out the N00B. ***** 10-Jul-14 Update to my original post. Again, thanks to everyone that's provided input & ideas. I've decided to pilot using Azendoo for a couple quarters & see how it works out. Why Azendoo? It's free for me & my entire team (although I'm only piloting it for myself & my six direct reports). The Evernote integration works well, although you cannot (yet) create net new tasks in Azendoo & have them show up in an existing Evernote note. It has a functional web client. Not everybody on my team has an iOS device, and some of the other apps are platform specific. It's functionality is simple enough (in other words, pretty limited) that we won't be tempted to over-complicate our task and project tracking goals. Out of the box it supports the kind of collaboration on tasks - albeit very simplistically - that I need to keep my directs on task.So… thanks again and if anybody is interested they can ping me on "how's it going" in a couple of months.
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