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  1. No, I only want the specific text I highlighted on the web page to be a part of the note. I used the clipper and selected the highlighted text option. The result is the exact same if I use Windows Copy/paste function. Older notes that have many more lines of text do not have this problem. This happens when I try to create a new note. EDIT: Clip selection is the option I used, but it's obviously not a clipper problem, it's an Evernote app problem, because Copy/Paste results in the same error.
  2. When using copy/paste or the Evernote web clipper to paste a large amount of text from a website (Verizon wireless bill detail page), the text extends below the vertical space on my screen. There is no scroll bar in the note for me to scroll down to see all of the text. Placing the cursor near the bottom of the screen and using the down arrow likewise does not allow me to scroll down to see the rest of the note or add anything to it. Is Evernote really this limited in the number of lines of text that can be used in a note?
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