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  1. I wish Burgers & Fries and Jefito would quit being so defensive. This isn't about you; we came here to learn if we could do something else with the checkboxes. And some of us express dismay or bafflement because we want to use Evernote and are frustrated - no big deal. So far I've learned: 1) that the evangelists are not employees. 2)That no one knows what Evernote will add next or when. 3)That Phil Libin's mission is to not alter anyone's content, and 4)that Evernote is not striving to be a To Do app. None of this matters though, since great features ARE added periodically, and we can't know what limits there might be on future functionality. Therefore, we should keep making requests, guesstimates about Evernote's intentions notwithstanding. By far, the most useful comment was the one about searches. I'd forgotten about using them this way. I'd like to add that search strings can be saved and utilized as 'one button' solutions, so maybe we can customize our checklist functionality to some degree ourselves. I'll get back on this.
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