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  1. True backups are automated, as I've already said many times. It's also important to add as much versioning and redundancy as possible, locally and remotely, but this is indeed secondary. In short, true backups are backups that work when you need it. Manual won't work, export is even worse (even while they may add to redundancy and versioning). Now that I come back to my senses, it's probably a much better idea to use google docs, with either insync, crosscloud or some similar replicating service (ifttt won't cut for this, as it's never two ways). I'll keep trying to use evernote just as an extra backup with ifttt and maybe when I need to OCR another huge image again. @Metrodon looks like the (new to me) Revert still offers "free for always" plans: https://revert.io/pricing
  2. That was my plan. 4 years ago and every then in a while again and again, including today. ;P Could you share your "easy backup" link, though? I've already shared my research and I found nothing with a true backup as described. Sorry but in my mind manual backup is about the same as no backup.
  3. I have loved evernote since I first landed eyes on it, quite in the beginning. Still I'm a free(loader) member since February 21st, 2011 (pasted, boy do I hate any forums that's not made in discourse!) and, more than not collaborating with its existence, funny enough, I never really ever used it. I do take notes on it eventually, but never read them. Okay, once I've used the awesome OCR for searching in an image, and that was it. I always think about contributing, like I did to lastpass, dropbox, google, crashplan and so many other services I find essential, and I do feel notes are basic. I love google keep, despite its lack of being able to truly backup (automated) / liberate data in a synced way. Which is one of the topics here. 1. I do realize Evernote also don't have true backups, only terrible ways of going around it. But just how terrible is it really? Can we count on it? I would sure feel much more confortable if I could add dropbox and google drive into that equation, rather than just Time Machine and *maybe* crashplan. 2. I use google keep a lot because it's blazing fast, for my workflow. And because it offers google search in it. Plus it's simple in its interface and highly complex on the backend... Sharing notes, colors, every single thing. How does Evernote compare to it today? Back in the days, evernote was way too slow. I still think it's slow, but I never used it "in production" so I wonder from experienced users... Do you get annoyed by its slowness? 3. Reason I'm coming up with this now is the apparently annual 3 free months offer that, they said on the email, should expire today (will it really, though?). What other offers are or were there? What would be the best time to and way to purchase it? I shouldn't really bother about it, since it's a very small financial gain in the long run, but for right now it matters to me. Any difference in prices from paying from europe and paying from US (VAT and stuff)? Couldn't easily see it on the website right now. 4. I was going to direct this to support, but they threw me here. Very aggressively, and badly. Boy, all this could be so much better if only they used discourse... Including for their support... And removed that dreadful "ticket" page which asks you to elaborate a title carefully and then "deletes" it for you when you're ready to follow up with your question even after their suggested research. Sucks so much! Don't Evernote has a pre-sales team? They should look at viv and other talking robots out there! And I'm done for now.
  4. ( This is following a line of thought from elsewhere... ) I was going to write lots of explanation here as a "feature request", but figured I should just find some other way to do it. I'll find some automator or applescript, (ahk if you're on windows would sure do it) or whatever, and clip it to files. But since I found no such idea around, I'm still throwing it out there and you guys do whatever you want with it. I won't even follow the topic. ;P Love evernote, but hardly ever use it due to lack of redundant automated exporting backup options (now that's an idea that have sure been around a lot!). Keep the good stuff!
  5. If you really want +1, why not simply "liking" the 1st post?
  6. Just wanted to point it's over 2 years and emptying the trash still helped me solving this issue on my mac. I was also having earlier problems which were only solved when I manually Signed Out - completely wiping and reinstalling didn't help. Something I would never have guessed from the error message I was getting, which was something on the lines of this "unable to connect to server" or something. I'm not sure you guys are following the traditional versioning scheme in which changing major number version means complete rewrite (since we are now on 5, and back then it was 3)!
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