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  1. In the photo edit mode in iOS where you have the blur and other annotation tools along the right side, up at the top there are three little circles. hitting that gives you the option to crop, rotate and clear annotations. EDIT- This is in a pro account so these functions may not apply to freemium accounts
  2. This is a screen grab photo of a medium sized post it note as displayed in side list view. It was rotated and cropped in Evernote. It doesn't scale up or down as you widen the window it just stretches to where it's almost the right aspect ratio but then it is almost one 24" monitor wide. The image behaves the same way in a single note window as well. This issue seems like a flaw in how EN treats image scaling in notes. I don't know if it stems from how it crops/rotates or if there's some other factor. It doesn't seem like too much to ask that photos maintain their captured aspect ratio and scale regardless of how they come into the app. Support ticket here I come!
  3. I've been taking photos of all manner of things for a new project (Hard drive serial numbers, software licenses, editors and directors notes etc) and I've come across something I can't get around. I take a photo in iOS (5s) I rotate it, if necessary. When I sync EN on my Mac the note is there and it is rotated BUT, a) its huge it's squeezed horizontally. In the 3 pane view of the Mac app window, I would have to open the window up quite a ways to make it legible. If I open the note into it's own window I have to make it almost the full size of the monitor to get it to a legible point. Some of these photos are small notepad sizes originally, some are post-its, some are box content labels and serial numbers and barcodes. All of them have this problem. Is there a function or workaround to display them at their native size and aspect ratio?
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