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  1. It's difficult for me to say whether my iPhone is now syncing correctly because I have simply stopped using Evernote on the phone. Without reliable sync I need to use methods that I know will work. I did just create a "test" note and it appears to have synced correctly to the Mac desktop version, so maybe it's fixed? Or maybe it's not. It's just not something I can take a chance on with important notes, so I'm using other applications. At some point soon, I'll migrate everything out of Evernote to OneNote or something similar and uninstall the program completely from iPhone, iPad, and Mac desktop. That decision is being made easier for me by the lack of official support — and I do know it's a holiday weekend but the bug was submitted two weeks ago without any response whatsoever. I also realize that support is prioritzed for paying premium customers, and that's fine. I didn't expect an instant response but I did expect some response by now. I'm sorry for those of you who rely on Evernote, and I hope the bug or whatever it is is resolved for you. I can see that for non-critical uses it might be a handy program to have around.
  2. Yes, I submitted Support Ticket #594448 on June 21 and have gotten no response whatsoever. I will note that EN on my iPhone did eventually sync with my Mac desktop, but is back to only downloading updated notes and not uploading ones created or modified on the iPhone. The data set is extremely limited, however, because I have pretty much given up on using EN and have moved on to other applications. I hope you are able to find an answer. If I ever do hear back about the support ticket I will post an update in this thread.
  3. For some reason the Evernote app on my iPhone is only syncing in one direction. It will download notes that were changed on my Mac or Windows desktop versions, but it never uploads changes made on the iPhone. The new and changed notes on my iPhone display with an up arrow in a little green triangle at the top right corner of the summary screen. I have tired going to the Settings screen and clicking the Sync Now button. This will download changes but not send the iPhone's changes back up. I have tried logging out of Evernote and logging back in. I have tried closing the iPhone app completely and then re-opening it. I have tried turning Airplane mode on and off, and turning my iPhone on and off. (These are all tips I picked up from Googling "evernote ios sync problems".) Nothing works. Has anyone had a similar problem, or know how to fix it? At this point, I am going to give up on Evernote entirely because being able to make changes on my phone and send them back to the desktop app is a crucial part of how I use it. If that doesn't work, the entire program is useless to me.
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