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  1. Just bought a IX500 and wondering if I need the evernote version of this scanner for the below items to be highlighted. Shouldn't these work with the IX500 as well? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/4a70de30-07a6-410a-a4ff-73921081c9e2/f915b14b5db6926b4c51d60b2381fd53
  2. Guys FYI, I took the photo with my iphone and I think I had it on "document" mode. Scott yes when I search for dirty, or laundry I get the highlighted text on the label that it found it, yet it won't find "merlot" As you can see merlot is a bit wrapped around but the picture is very clear and to me shouldn't be an issue. This said, how long should I expect Evernote to take to crunch the data when I upload a photo/document?
  3. Hi all, I'm a premium member now if that makes a difference. Before I start scanning my whole life I'm doing some testing and I found this a bit troubling. I scanned the following wine bottle (good wine) https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/01e06fd5-84f2-432d-bfb6-27602551054b/f56883009dbe3c21b806e79bbc27317d And when I search in evernote for "Merlot" nothing comes up in the search. But if I search for anything else on the label like "laundry" or "cabernet" or "Okanagan" this label does come up. Why won't it find Merlot?
  4. Tried that first, that's what I was thinking too but taking a picture with my iphone on a lcd monitor doesn't come out very clear. Evernote had no idea what to do with the data.
  5. Hi all, Been using Evernote for a couple of years but this weekend I decided to make a conscious decision to become a power user. I love the business card scanning feature on my phone but I have another requirement as well. Quote often I get an email from a prospect and in his signature in the email is his full contact info. Address, email, phone numbers ect. Is there any way to capture this info as a "business card"? I love the linkedin integration and then how Evernote brings the contacts info right into my google contacts. Anyone know if this is possible? I'm thinking it would happen with the chrome "clip to evernote" addon but I can't seem to get it to show up as a business card info.
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