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  1. Evernote for Mac 6.14 Beta 3

    1000% This. Who in their right mind thought "Geez, you know what people in 2018 love, pop ups! If only we could add more annoyances to Evernote!" Seriously, how out of touch can a development team get? Worst of all, this was listed as a feature. Seriously... popups are a "feature"... that's just beyond the pale. You need to give us a way to disable this "feature" because now my favorites menu is literally useless, unless of course I want Evernote to eat up my entire desktop. Generally, anything that takes focus away from the window the user has clicked on is frustrating and poor design, but forcing new windows is amazingly, almost impressively, dumb. --- Edit: Apologies for the tone but this is beyond frustrating...
  2. Ugh. So I'm a premium member now because not long ago Evernote decided that you only get your data on your mobile device if you pay them. Ah ransomware. I dealt with because I had to give a speech at a wedding. $5, ok done... But a 40% hike!? That's more than I pay for Netflix and I get way more from it than I do Evernote. Meanwhile the company ignores its users — I was going to write out a longer thing with thoughtful comments and concerns, but let's be honest, EN has a few marketing people rolling over the forms but no one who can make a decision cares. There may as well be an autoreply bot pasting in FAQ links and the company byline. Basic security fixes that were promised years ago still haven't been made and while they're finally trimming the fat from the stupid Evernote branded junk like socks of all things the editor is substandard, the recorder loses sound files half the time and the only feature EN seems to actually care about developing is the one that it's users laugh at. I mean really, the "work chat" is beyond useless. Worse, all it seems to do is create conflict copies of notes and deliver messages well after they're important. Is there any company left whose saying to itself "jeez, we don't have a messenger tool, maybe this note taking app can work for that"? We all have Slack, or Messages, or Skype (ugh), or Zoom, or Lync (uggest of ughs) or some other option ad infinitum. If you want people to use EN like a business class app maybe make live multi-user editing a la Google Docs a thing. This chat feature is just dumb. A few people have commented on an ad based revenue stream. I would argue that's exactly what Context is. Not only is it seemingly incapable of finding similar notes (I swear it just pulls them at random) it actively injects nonsense "news" articles from a conspicuously curated list of sources. Evernote is quickly adopting the Windows 10 model of business. Make changes no one wants to inflate use of Apps no one needs to agro-sell over-priced and underdeveloped services they're talk about but never actually improve in a sad attempt to band-aid the poor financial situation their previous poor judgement caused — and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied — they hate you. I'm probably going to go to OneNote, despite its utter ugliness because it's the only other tool with a similar feature set and, important for my workflow at least, automation and integration with a bunch of services. EverNote has always been too ridged a tool. There's a million blog posts about how once you accept EN's workflow instead of forcing yours into it you'll be set. And for the most part they're right. Great device coverage and integration means I'm willing to compromise my workflow, but with each major announcement seemingly intensionally more tone def than the last, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.