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  1. So... this doesn't seem to bode well... https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/18/evernote-just-slashed-54-jobs-or-15-percent-of-its-workforce/
  2. 1000% This. Who in their right mind thought "Geez, you know what people in 2018 love, pop ups! If only we could add more annoyances to Evernote!" Seriously, how out of touch can a development team get? Worst of all, this was listed as a feature. Seriously... popups are a "feature"... that's just beyond the pale. You need to give us a way to disable this "feature" because now my favorites menu is literally useless, unless of course I want Evernote to eat up my entire desktop. Generally, anything that takes focus away from the window the user has clicked on is frustrating and poor design, but forcing new windows is amazingly, almost impressively, dumb. --- Edit: Apologies for the tone but this is beyond frustrating...
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