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  1. Well, I'm a happy camper. "Clip Image to Evernote" is back!
  2. Just what the title says. The "clip image to evernote" option has disappeared from the web clipper context menu. That was very useful.
  3. So I upgraded to a new iPhone. 14k notes total, my phone now claims I only have 11k. Web version and desktop have the correct number. It claims my "Inbox" folder only has six notes; that's an improvement, yesterday it claimed 1. Evernote apparently only downloads note headers while the app itself is active; it stops when your phone blanks to save power. Leaving it on the charger overnight with EN open seems to be the only way to speed it up. It's been two days; at this rate Evernote on my phone will be up to date in about a week. Maybe there could be an option to export/import headers to speed up the process??? This is just bad.
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