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  1. I've pretty much given up and am now using OneNote by Microsoft. I am able to use OneNote on my Tablet, Laptop and in a Web Browser while at work. I've only commented on this as I've been following this thread and wanted to see if something was going to come back from the Dev's but I am not going to unsubscribe and just forget about this product.
  2. Have I missed it, have we had a response from the Evernote team? My eyes are really getting tired and I may have to find a replacement service. Does anyone know if OneNote has a dark theme?
  3. I would really like to have a Dark theme for evernote. I use a number if IDE's where I can change the theme to dark, but when I flick back to evernote and it's bright white, is very hard on the eyes. Evernote is a great product.
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