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  1. I started using Workflowy for this exact reason as well. I'm using Evernote less now because of this. And I'm having to pay for two services. Really frustrating. Would highly prefer that Evernote would implement collapsible lists.
  2. +1 Evernote, PLEASE add this feature.
  3. Thank you Evernote. I was so close to switching. You've got a happy customer again. Love my Chromebook experience now. Would love to resize the window eventually, but I'm off and going.
  4. +1 for Evernote offline. I took the plunge and bought a Chromebook. I go to a lot of conferences and love that Chromebook has such good battery life and full-featured browser (I'm a google apps user). But any Internet flakiness and Evernote on the web sucks. I've lost the last 30 seconds of typing lots of times this past couple weeks. Super annoying. I'm constantly on edge if it will save what I just typed. Not worth the stress. I am using Keep and Google docs more and more because that stress is gone. I was 100% in evernote, but that is waning.
  5. I want to agree with the desire for a Chromebook Evernote offline app. My macbook is close to its end of life and I bought a Chromebook. I love it a ton, except for Evernote. That's my one pain point. I'm looking into Evernote alternatives.
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