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  1. yeah I'll take a look thanks, I'm using android but i'm sure there's something similar. Having said that........ Templates
  2. How has this not been done yet Its easy enough to copy and paste a note you have saved as a template yes thats obvious on a computer. But what about when you're using this program off of a phone. Typing is slow and painful and should be minimised, not to mention copying and pasting being slow on phone as well. My thought process is to use EVERNOTE to send all my jobsheets in so i want a template that opens everytime I hit create new note like title: NAME JOBSHEET - DATE LOCATION description: LOCATION DATE EMPLOYEES TIME JOB DESCRIPTION MATERIALS and bang workers fire it off on the job saves them time, i invoice faster saves me time. Seems like a pretty basic function and after looking for answers on the net would appear that people have been asking for it, for over a year. Wouldn't hurt to implement it, i would've thought. Really great program just seems like it could be alot better. BUMP BUMP BUMP RegardsKM
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