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  1. I really wanted to like this update, but I can't. I own the Jot Script, and this is ridiculous. I had 7 notebooks in Penultimate before the update, now I have 3. I want the ability to page through like an actual notebook back. This being one long note doesn't work for me at all. I had a notebook I just scratched random things in, now that has been sucked into another notebook for no reason. I liked being able to keep all my notes from my board meetings in one place, starting on a new page, now all the pages are together with these giant gaps in them. How do I move a note to a new notebook? How do I move a part of a note to a new note? Can I take parts of the long notes that were individual pages, and make them separate notes? I really need this app to work, and with this new update, I am afraid that won't. I am going to have to start looking for an alternative, I really liked having everything in one place, in all my devices. Please fix this ASAP.
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