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  1. Thanks, gazumped. I tried to re-install Evernote but sadly the new tag window doesn't pop up. Regardless of whether I use the hotkey or just click in the toolbar. Ctrl+alt+T has always worked for me though.
  2. When I press ctrl+shift+T a window for creating a new tag should pop up but it does not. Also, even going to "File>New tag..." doesn't work either, no window pops up. My specs: Widnows 7 Ultimate Evernote Win Desktop version ( (274061)) Anybody else with the same experience? Thanks, Jan
  3. Hello guys, I use Evernote for WinDesktop ( (273753)) and Win8.1 x64. I just wanted to support those who had the similar issue. The F2 shortcut for changing a title of a note didn't work for me and the solution indeed was to restart the computer. Restarting EN didn't work. Jan
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