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  1. Thanks for "listening" and for not jumping down my throat in response. I am not trash-talking your beloved program, but rather making a suggestion that will allow it to be even more versatile. As a user and lover of Springpad, I was very saddened to hear that the app was discontinuing its functionality. However, I was relieved to know they had an exit strategy in supporting an export of all data to another application - Evernote. Yay! Another free app to manage my lists. Except it's not. I've read a few posts on this forum about people who are disappointed that there is no option to "hide" (rather than remove) checked items in a given list. This would allow those people who want to view their accomplishments the freedom to do so AT THE SAME TIME as giving the option to others to hide checked items when necessary. I truly believe that EN needs to consider adding this to its already wonderful platform. Even IF this wasn't part of the original plan (to be a useful list-making tool) I believe that given the flood of Springpad users that will come EN's way, this is absolutely something that needs to be added to EN's repertoire.
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